Learning Tennis on Your Own

Learning a new sport can be fun and exciting. It can also be painful and frustrating. Many seek professionals to give them lessons. By far, this is probably the best way to learn quickly and properly. Yet, it is the most expensive.

Start Simple

Look up the rules of the sport. With the advanced technology of today, it wouldn’t take long to look up the rules of the game on the internet. Even if playing pro tennis is not the goal, it’s good to know the rules to help guide the learning process. Knowing the rules will one determine where they are headed in terms of their game play.

Get Physical and Be Prepared To Exercise

Sports are physical, so a body should be prepared to get physical even in the learning stages. Like all physical activity, one should not just jump into it. Sprains and pulled muscles will be the most likely result, rather than a good swing.

So, stretch first. It’s important to loosen the limbs and warm up the muscles. Although tennis may not be as vigorous a sport as football, it will get the heart rate up and the body moving. It is much easier to move, when the body and muscles have been loosened.

Start as a Beginner of Tennis

As enticing as it may be to get in there and start swinging and hitting to the likes of Maria Sharapova, tennis is a lot harder than she makes it look. Control is needed otherwise the players will spend their time running after the ball, which is not what tennis is about.

Start small. Begin with just rallying the ball back and forth over the net with a partner. Determine the parameters and get closer to the net. This will help to learn how to control the direction of the ball with each hit.

As one gets better, widen the parameters and move farther away from the centre net. Control, speed and strength will grow. As the player progresses to improve in these areas, they will eventually be able to play the size of the court, getting accustomed to the confines of the court and developing personal strategies.

Soft Tennis

In Asia, soft tennis is quite popular and many have learned how to play on their own beginning with soft tennis and then eventually moving on to regular tennis. Soft tennis, with lighter tennis balls and played indoors, can provide an easier comfort in terms of velocity and the impact when racket meets ball.

No matter how one may decide to learn, tennis is a fun, active and healthy sport that can be learned and played by people of all ages. It is a great cardiovascular workout, as well as an activity that can be played with the whole family. It takes time to learn how to perfect a game, so be patient, enjoy it and remember to have fun.

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